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Add 25+ years of business experience
to your startup

Startups Pay on Success Only

Startup Coaching and Mentoring

You are a startup

You need to get into a productive flow with your team and find it difficult to align the scarce time of your team members?

You would love to get continuous mentoring from an external and experienced coach - which methodology and approach is best to apply when?

You need to make sure to keep the momentum in your team?

You want to make sure to deal with uncertainties inherent to startups in a systematic way?

You want to foster startups

You want to make sure that as many as possible of the startups in your initiative will be successfull?

You need expertise in enabling startups in applying the right methodologies to systematically deal with uncertainties and thus increasing the chance of success?

We offer individually customized training and coaching based on 25+ years of experience. We coach all steps along the "value chain" from maturing first ideas to identifying "problems worth to solve", developing a plan that works with continuous pivoting and taking the right market the right way. We help you working along the "product innovation and creation phases" using methodologies like "Agile Development", "Lean Canvas", "Test Cards", "Value Flow Diagram", "Hypothesis Testing", "Product Vision and User Story Mapping", "Planning Poker", "Kano Classification", creativity methodologies and many more. And all of this combined with general business management advice based on extensive own experience to making sure the product will be successful on the market.

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