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Leverage 25+ years of experience for your digitization strategy!

Culture meets Digitization

Develop your own digitization strategy and get ready for it! We help you.

Cultural organization

Digitization is a must nowadays and you're required to or even better want to see what's in digitization for you? But you don't have experience in-house to see how to best get on this journey?

You wonder what data of your organization best to leverage and reap the benefits? By even better fulfilling your cultural charter and getting new visitor groups attracted or broadening existing visitor groups?

You don't know how to best benefit from the large datasets available outside of your organization (think Linked Open Data) and explore completely new opportunities?

You want to understand how to be more efficient by digitizing (i.e. rethinking) existing processes in back-office (administrative tasks) and front-office (visitor facing)? 

You want to understand how digitization can advance you significantly on your existing or planned strategy?

We offer individually customized coaching based on 25+ years of experience. 

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